2010… the beginning

“my little dog, a heartbeat at my feet”

— Edith Warren

Timing is everything, or so they say. In 2009, this laid off landscape designer taught herself how to create jewelry using old fashioned metal smithing techniques. It quickly moved from a hobby to a burgeoning jewelry making business and when I saw an opportunity to connect with other local artisans at the Crafty Bastards show in downtown Washington DC, I couldn’t resist. I quickly signed up to volunteer. But DC traffic being what it is, and a few wrong turns that took me past the Pentagon twice, had me arriving after the show had opened and my opportunity to be involved evaporated. Momentary disappointment.

I was given a pass in anyway and told just to enjoy myself and have a look around. A left turn down the first row of vendors changed my life. There, in a small grassy area was Lucky Dog DC and their varied group of fosters and rescue animals. And then I saw her…. my muse ! She was a long brown short legged dog with a big pink tongue and eyes that looked like she could peek into your soul and yank it out. It was love at first sight, and after a spirited walk around the area together I told her foster dad, Adam, that I’d love to adopt her. 24 hours later (after application and a home visit) , she was in my car and we were heading home.

She was my first dog since being a kid and there were a lot of things I needed. I spent a LOT of money at Petco ! Bed, food, bowls, toys, bones.. you know the drill. I even bought her a tag out of one of those engraving machines. I don’t want to bash the tag, but come on.. I’m a jewelry maker! MY pup had to have something cool ! The first doggonetag was made in October 2010 and sported her new name “Georgie” and doggonetags was born a month later. Probably close to 35,000 tags later and I still call her my muse, and as my constant companion and spends most of the day with me and her feline brother, Mosby, in the studio.

clown lesson 101 “upside down cracks them up every time”

These days I work from my home studio in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia where I make cool tags for happy people and their furry friends. Each tag is lovingly made by hand and starts with a drawing in my sketch book. Tools of the trade are simple… metal shears, a jewelers saw, stamps, hammers, a torch, and a tumbler. Old fashioned metal smithing. It’s not precise, but full of whimsy and detail…. and love.

How did I get so lucky? Procrastination? bad traffic? Not using GPS? Nope.. timing. Timing is everything.

From our pack to you and yours , welcome to doggonetags!

woof, meow, thanks for reading

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