Mixing Business and Passion

We are HUGE into rescue and pet adoption around here, so when it came time to get our new website going, we reached out to the talented pet photographer, Shelley Castle , and we teamed up with Lucky Dog DC (https://www.luckydoganimalrescue.org/home) to get some really awesome (and mostly available to adopt) pup models !

For us it was a no-brainer to highlight some deserving pups looking for a forever home. The morning was wild, hot, fun, and exhausting ! How Emily (one of the leads at Lucky Dog) does this all day is mystery to me. After it was over, I just wanted to lay down and take a nap under the trees !

The site was suggested by Shelley and we arranged to meet at Jones Point Park in Alexandria, Va. My wonderful mom, Sue (doggonetags biggest fan and Georgie’s fave) came along to help and we piled into the car bright and early to arrive at the agreed upon 6:30 am time. It’s a really beautiful park, right on the river, and has magnificent views of the city. You could even see the Capitol building in the distance! By 7am the park was bustling and I was shocked to see how many DC folks were up early enough on a Saturday to plunk down on bicycles or to run along the Potomac. I’d have been content to sit and people watch for awhile, but there was work to do !

One by one our doggy models started to arrive, and by 7:30 with the sun glistening off of the dewy long grass, Shelley was starting to snap pics of a beautiful dog who was quite camera shy at first, but once used to it and with the encouragement of her foster dad John, she shined !

Emily brought a car load of wonderful pups all ready to find their forever homes. They were a wriggling mass of tongue and tails. We got some great shots and a few of the pups even found the homes that they so deserve !

Kate was there in her super cute hat and her LuckyDog foster named Penelope. She also brought along her her very own Luckydog rescue named Penny… both were little superstars !

The last shot for now was my favorite from my phone and is of Penelope, who was adopted later that day to the delight of all !

We can’t wait to share the real pics with you and it won’t be long ! I snapped what I could while running around like a chicken with its head cut off, and have posted those here so you get the idea.

If you’re ready to add another family member to your home, please consider adoption. There are beautiful animals just waiting to go to a home.. all kinds.. pure breeds, mixed breeds, and total mutts. All full of love.

As always a big woof, meow, and thanks from our pack to you and yours ! And a very special thanks to Sue, Shelley, Emily, Kate, John, and all the pups !

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