Who We Are

Peace, Love, and Paws ™

Welcome to Doggone Tags ! We’ve been catering to cool pets and the humans who love them since 2010

At DoggoneTags, we strive to have the most unique designs in a variety of sizes and styles.  Doggone Tags has been seen in Modern Dog Magazine, IVillage, City Dog, Nova Dog, and Bark.  We’ve also been featured in countless blogs and are gratified that our customers (both human and non- human) are so happy with their purchases ! 

It’s also wonderful to be able to give back to the pet community and we work with a few different rescue groups each year.  After all, without a certain rescue group here in the DC area, DoggoneTags would not be in business ! 

Our tags are made in mixed metal and all are created in a small studio in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.   It’s definitely NOT a critter free place by choice ! 

Dive in for a series of interesting pet related articles, information about us and our products, happy customer stories, rescue group information, and products we love and endorse. We want to be able to connect to the animal loving community so if you have something you’d like to see us feature, leave us a comment and we’ll follow up !

from the humans and the critters at doggonetags, a very special woof, thanks, and meow !

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